Corporate Social Responsibility

Since its creation, our Firm has promoted several social and environmental actions and charitable activities. With the aim of reinforcing our commitment in this area and channeling these efforts in response to the various proposals and concerns from our Firm's members, a Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility was created in 2013. The CSR Committee is responsible for coordinating all aspects of corporate social responsibility, developing best practices for the Firm’s groups of interest, impacting on our members, our customers, the environment and the community in general.

Our CSR Committee encourages the active participation of our partners, associates and staff; the activities proposed aim at adding value to our community, and at the same time, seek to create a space for interaction among our Firm’s participants, and in some cases their families, outside their day-to-day working assignments.

As a result, our Firm provides its members with a space to develop from a human perspective by participating in social projects related mainly to child and elderly protection, through the promotion of education, food supply and decent housing. Internally, we cooperate with the protection of the environment through the reduction of energy consumption and the recycling of office supplies.

Some of the social and charitable activities undertaken by our members and families, with the support of our Firm, include participation in UNICEF’s "Carrera por la Educación” (Race for Education), home construction programs, organized by "Un Techo Para Mi País" and food classification, organized by the “Fundación Banco de Alimentos”, among others.